Pain Treatment. Protocol Clinalgia

Our Pain Protocol

The treatment of pain in our clinic follows a protocol designed in a natural way with different techniques to help the body recover after stressful periods.

We favor the restoration of parameters such as sleep quality, energy level, generalized pain or mood.

First visit

In this consultation the doctor will proceed to make the patient’s medical history, all the medical documentation (analytical, RX, resonances, TAC …) that the patient has regarding the different pathologies that he/she has will be needed and it will be specified if he/she is allergic to any medication.

The consultation time will be approximately 45 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on the patient’s problems.

Systemic Endovenous Ozone (autohemo)

It is performed in a room where the patient will be lying down for the extraction of blood (200cc) through a closed system that goes to a glass bottle, the blood is ozonated in the bottle and reintroduced.

The time will be approximately 20 minutes.

Rectal ozone (optional)

This is another technique to apply systemic ozone, it is not invasive at all, it is performed in a room where the patient will lie on his side and a small very thin cannula will be introduced through the rectum, and with one or two syringes the ozone will be introduced, and it will pass to the blood through the intestinal mucosa.

This technique lasts 10 minutes.


Manual physiotherapy

It consists of the recovery of the musculoskeletal system, with a specific pain treatment according to the problems of each specific patient.

Different techniques are used (jones technique, myofascial therapy, pincer therapy, stretching, osteopathic manipulations, muscle energy technique, visceral techniques, diaphragm release, invasive techniques such as dry needling, neuro modulation, deep/ superficial massage, edema drainage…).

In addition to carrying out a mission of prevention and postural education to avoid future injuries.

The session lasts about 60 minutes.

Fisioterapia para tratamiento del dolor

Manual physiotherapy with infiltrations with local anesthetic at low concentration and medical ozone.

The most effective to release musculotendinous adhesions.

In these sessions the different tensioned points will be located in order to proceed to loosen them, allowing the muscle to regain its original elasticity.

Very effective and minimally invasive treatment.

The session lasts approximately 60 minutes.


This technique consists in the application of a serum containing numerous minerals and vitamins to revitalize the body and recover energy.

The duration of this will be approximately 40 minutes.

Sesión de Seuroterapia para tratamiento del dolor

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