Locomotor System Treatments








Among the treatments of the locomotor system are:

      • Pharmacology
      • Physiotherapy
      • Muscle recovery
      • Residual enthesitis
      • Overweight
      • Immunity
      • Emotional stress
      • Insomnia
      • Sports optimization


Taking into account the advances made in recent years in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, simple analgesic drugs and NSAID analgesics continue to be widely used in the treatment of ailments with mild to moderate pain and inflammation.


Physiotherapy of the musculoskeletal system or musculoskeletal physiotherapy is a combination of techniques and strategies that help restore movement and function to bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves.

Multidisciplinary treatment of the musculoskeletal system

But when musculoskeletal pain becomes chronic and the usual treatment guidelines (pharmacology and physiotherapy) are not effective, the treatment strategy must be team-based, multidisciplinary, covering several aspects.

  1. Muscular Recovery

If a systemic disease is ruled out, it will be advisable to address the different structures, generally starting with muscle recovery to avoid traction of the fibrosed muscles on the other structures.

Medical ozone infiltrations are effective and very well tolerated.

Botulinum toxin is another option for more limited and more stubborn cases.

  1. Residual enthesitis

Once the musculature improves and recovers its elasticity, we will work on residual pain or damage that may remain in tendons, bursae or ligaments, for which ozone with platelet-rich plasma improves pain.

  1. Overweight

If there is overweight, a proper diet, both slimming and anti-inflammatory, will be essential.

  1. Immunity

If there is an autoimmune problem, a possible problem of intestinal permeability and bacterial overgrowth will also be explored, which is treated with specific diets and supplements.

In these cases systemic ozone therapy can also be very effective.

  1. Emotional stress

The patient can learn strategies and techniques for coping with everyday problems, facilitating their acceptance and resolution. This will be important to get more out of the treatments.

  1. Insomnia

Finally, it should be noted that the treatment of insomnia is also important, because «if the machine does not rest, the machine is not repaired».

We will insist on «sleep hygiene» and possibly prescribe some hypnotic and muscle relaxant medication.

  1. Sports optimization

In the end, with sports optimization, the objective will be to improve pain, limit deterioration and recover activity to the maximum.

Here we will be helped by supplements and sports conditioning plans, which will maintain biomechanics in the best possible state and avoid and/or minimize relapses.

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